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Look slimmer instantly with Dr. Lutaevono’s Stomach Shaper! Lightweight and comfortable, it is like wearing nothing at all.

Dr. Lutaevono’s Stomach shaper has been developed with the goal of helping you to get your flat stomach faster by boosting your metabolism and acting as a compression garment to spur weight loss. The shaper’s compression abilities create a gentle massaging sensation, which can help prevent the appearance of cellulite and expel toxins. Its sleek design fits undetected beneath clothes so it can be worn under outfits during the day.

• Stomach shaper for all day use.
• Smoothens silhouettes.
• Targets cellulite.
• May result in weight loss.
• Helps evaporate fat and impurities.
• Provides light compression for posture correction and back support.
• May boost metabolism and help expel toxins.
• One size fits most.

Material: 90% nylon, 10% Spandex