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Dr.Lutaevono's Hallux Valgus Support is designed to help protect your bunion from knocking and bumping while worn comfortably in everyday footwear. Ideal for use during activities that place stress on toes.

Benefits to Dr.Lutaevono's Hallux Valgus Support:

• Relieves toe pain.
• Helps realign toes to their natural position.
• Prevents callous and corns and straighten bent toes.
• Increases circulation and improve balance.
• Unisex.
• One size fits all.
• One package contains two Hallux Valgus Support.

With the Hallux Valgus Support, you can finally ease discomfort caused by a big toe that is misaligned in the joint.

Wear inside shoes or in bed at night. Hand wash in warm soapy water. Latex-free.