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Dr. Lutaevono's Heel & Height Support aims to help ease pain from excessive pressure over the heel while promoting an increased perception of height.

Silicone gel heel cups cradle the heel and provide extra shock relief. They can be applied to regular footwear for added cushioning. If you're looking for something soft and to provide pain relief to your feet, give these a try.

Benefits to Dr.Lutaevono's Heel & Height Support:

• Adjustable height with multi-layer design.

• Cupped design helps consolidate fatty pad of heel to improve stability.

• Softer center pad absorbs excess pressure over the heel.

• Superior heel cushion helps relieve heel pain and helps regulate the weight distribution.

• Unisex.

• One size fits all.

• One package contain two Dr.Lutaevono multi-layer Heel & Height Support.