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The HOT & COOL Face mask is a re-usable refreshing and calming face mask that can be used cold or warm.

The cold causes the blood vessels to contract and then dilate, which improves the oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin’s surface, making it appear more radiant. Using the face mask cold may slow down blood circulation to aid swelling, reducing inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain. It can be used if an area is bruised or swollen.

Heat opens up blood vessels, which increases blood flow and supplies oxygen and nutrients to reduce pain in joints and relax sore muscles, ligaments, and tendons.


Use it as a HOT or COOL temperature face mask for 20 minutes.

COLD: Keep in your refrigerator, or freeze for 30 minutes prior to application.

HOT: Heat the face mask in a microwave oven for 45 seconds at 700W. Heat for 10 more seconds if the face mask is not warm enough.

Material: Gel, PVC, Nylon.


For external use only. Do not use on infants. Do not apply to open wounds or sensitive skin. Always test the temperature of the face mask prior to the application. Prolonged application or overheating may cause injury, including burns. Do not use for other purposes than intended. Do not sleep wearing the face mask. Use only under supervision of an adult. Heating or cooling beyond suggested time may ruin the HOT & COOL face mask. Always contact a physician for chronic pain. This is not a medical device.