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Dr. Lutaevono's Plantar Fasciitis Support is designed to help cope with the effects of Jogger’s Heel, fallen arches and heel spurs as well as discomfort brought by the rubbing between feet and shoes.

The material is strong and flexible and designed to help support the heel and ankle. Wear comfortably under socks when active for extra support.

If you’re recovering from a foot condition, the sleeve may also help speed up the healing process after injury. Wear while sleeping to reduce morning heel pain.

Benefits to Dr.Lutaevono's Plantar Fasciitis Support:

• Helpful in speeding up healing and recovery process after injury.

• Ideal for sufferers of Jogger’s Heel, fallen arches and heel spurs.

• Lightweight and comfortable.

• 100% silicone gel.

• Hand wash with soap and air dry.

• Unisex.

• One size fits all.

• One package contains two Plantar Fasciitis Support