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Dr. Lutaevono's Self-Heating Neck Support gives the perfect soothing and warming comfort to a tired neck after a long day. The Neck Support works by applying heat to a sore area, helping to relax the tightened muscles.

• One size fits all (adjustable strap).
• Self-Heating from magnets and tourmaline.
• Heat improves blood circulation and soothes achy muscles and joints.
• Works to relive post-workout muscle pain, age-related joint problems, tension and inflammation.
• Aims to help boost mobility, flexibility and muscle recovery.

Dr. Lutaevono's Neck Support is designed to help reduce pain caused by tiredness or muscle injury. By reducing stiffness, it works to assist the blood circulation and increase blood oxygen levels.

Whilst designed specifically for the neck, Dr. Lutaevono's Neck Support can also be applied to other areas of the body.

Neck Support is specifically recommended if:

• You are sitting in front of a computer for many hours.
• You suffer from various kinds of neck joint inflammation or discomfort.
• Your neck is vulnerable to injury from sports or often strain your neck due to work.