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Thigh Shapers from Dr. Lutaevono’s Fitness are designed to apply a steady pressure to enhance the most beautiful part of the body; the thighs. The Thigh Shapers hides bulges, bumps and rolls making you look tight and trim.

You will feel confident and comfortable wearing the Thigh Shapers during the day. Wearing Thigh Shapers will give you a smooth, trim and sexy look from below the hip line all the way to the knees.

The Thigh Shapers were developed to help you fit into your favorite clothes comfortably, such as jeans, dress or even tailored business suits. Using Thigh Shapers during exercise may speed up calorie consumption.

• Instantly gives thighs a slimmer appearance.
• Helps reduce noticeability of bumps, bulges and rolls.
• Delivers a massaging action on the move.
• Can help relieve fatigue, relax muscles and ward off cellulite.

Thigh Shapers are designed for compression that turns into a massaging action as you walk, steadily kneading thighs as they hide bulges, dimples and other signs of cellulite. This combination of compression and massage may also increase metabolism and burning more calories, leading to an even longer and leaner appearance over time combined with a regular exercise routine.